Steps to Take If Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

Steps to Take If Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

As the scorching summer heat arrives, our reliance on air conditioners becomes essential to maintain indoor comfort. However, sometimes, these cooling systems encounter issues, and one common problem is when your air conditioner freezes up. It can be frustrating to see your AC unit covered in ice on a hot day, leaving you wondering what to do. In this blog post, we will guide you through the necessary steps to take if your air conditioner freezes up. Additionally, we will introduce you to Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, a trusted provider of AC installation in Springville, UT.

Understanding the Causes of Air Conditioner Freezing

Before we delve into the steps to resolve a frozen AC unit, let’s first understand why it happens in the first place. Several factors can lead to the freezing of your air conditioner, such as:

  • Restricted Airflow: Poor airflow caused by dirty air filters, blocked vents, or obstructed condenser coils can disrupt the heat exchange process, leading to the formation of ice on the evaporator coils.


  • Low Refrigerant Levels: Refrigerant is crucial for the cooling process. If there is a leak or insufficient refrigerant, the pressure in the system drops, causing the evaporator coils to freeze.
  • Thermostat Issues: A faulty thermostat can cause the AC to run continuously, dropping the temperature too low and causing freezing.


  • Mechanical Problems: Broken fans, faulty motors, or damaged components can also contribute to the freezing of your air conditioner.

Steps to Take When Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

If you notice that your air conditioner has frozen up, don’t worry. Follow these steps to identify and resolve the issue:

  • Turn Off the AC: The first step is to turn off your air conditioner immediately. Continuing to run the unit in this state could damage the compressor or other components.


  • Check Air Filters and Vents: Inspect the air filters for dirt and debris. Replace or clean them if they are dirty. Additionally, ensure that all vents and registers are unobstructed to allow proper airflow.


  • Let it Thaw: Allow the air conditioner to thaw completely. This process might take several hours, so it’s best to be patient.


  • Inspect Refrigerant Levels: Once the unit is thawed, check the refrigerant levels. If you suspect a leak or low refrigerant, it’s crucial to call a professional AC technician to address the issue.


  • Inspect Fan and Motor: Check the fan blades and motor for any damage or malfunction. Faulty fans can disrupt airflow, leading to freezing.


  • Check the Thermostat: Ensure that the thermostat is functioning correctly and set at an appropriate temperature. Calibrate or replace it if necessary.


  • Clean Condenser Coils: If your condenser coils are dirty, clean them carefully to improve heat exchange efficiency.

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