Most Energy-Efficient Heating Equipment for a House

Most Energy-Efficient Heating Equipment for a House

Most people usually consider the cost of heating equipment and labor charges when it comes to pre-installation. Keep in mind that the type of heating equipment you choose determines your monthly expense. If you install an energy-efficient heating system for your home, you can reduce your utility bills. Continue reading for more detailed information.

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Most energy-efficient heating equipment

A heat pump can save up to 50% on utility expenses than a furnace and is an ideal appliance if you need an energy-efficient heating installation in Springville, UT.

Air-source and geothermal heat pumps are more popular than water-source because you can install a water-source heat pump only if you live near a lake, river, or other water bodies. The differences between air and ground source heat pump are the following;

  • Air source heat pump: It absorbs heat from outdoor natural air refrigerants. The mini-split heat pump works well for 10 to 20 years and needs fewer heating repairs in Springville, UT, than a furnace due to no ductwork and combustion.
  • Ground source heat pump: It also absorbs natural heat in water or refrigerant but not through the air. It absorbs heat available underground using ground loops. It has an average life of 20-24 years. If you have a large yard and a high installation budget, a ground source heat pump is the best solution for heating installation in Springville, UT.

Moreover, heat pumps can help you get the benefits of energy incentives. There is only one drawback with heat pump installation, i.e., less efficiency in temperatures below 30 degrees.

This drawback makes the furnace a better choice for colder regions. You can schedule spring and fall maintenance to avoid high energy charges and heating repair in Springville, UT.

Energy efficient furnace unit

Like heat pumps, furnaces are also divided into three types. These three types are gas, oil, and electric furnaces. The gas and electric furnaces are preferred to oil for heating installation in Springville, UT because oil expenses are too high than gas and electricity.

  • Gas furnace: It uses natural gas or propane for combustion. This gas burns and produces heat. The gas furnace uses electricity only to run the motor, blower, thermostat, etc.
  • Electric furnace: It is also a good choice for heating. However, electric elements as a heating source cost more than gas. The additional electric elements increase the energy consumption making it less efficient than the gas furnace.

The energy efficiency of the furnaces depends on the AFUE rating. Ensure that your furnace has a 90 or more AFUE rating to avoid expensive bills. The furnaces work well for 15 to 20 years with proper annual maintenance and a few heating repairs in Springville, UT.


If the heat pump’s energy efficiency interests you more, but your region’s climate is too cold, you can install a gas furnace with your heat pump. Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning can enhance HVAC operation and energy efficiency with highly professional and NATE-certified services. Call us at 801-753-9760 or email us for furnace repair in Springville, UT.