Indicators That Your AC Is Making You Sick

Indicators That Your AC Is Making You Sick

Illness from air conditioning can develop only when the air is unfit or unhealthy to emit safe, high-quality air. Or in certain cases, it depends on how the air from the AC unit interacts with the other hazardous materials in your home.

Several common symptoms indicate that your air conditioner is making you sick and you need immediate AC repair in Springville, UT.

  • Breathing or respiratory problems

It may be a problem with dirty air filters that are not cleaned or changed when necessary if you have a breathing or respiratory ailment that worsens symptoms while your air conditioning is running.

When dirt, germs, and fungi are trapped in air filters, they might leak back into the air within your home instead of being filtered out. You will consequently breathe contaminated air, which will make you sick. Changing your air filters at least three times per year or after every 250 hours of use is advised.

  • Visible molding

If you notice any obvious mold growth on your walls, in any other area of your home, or on your air conditioning unit, a problem may make you sick. This is due to the possibility of mold particles moving through the indoor conditioned air, which can lead to congestion, throat irritation, and wheezing.

It is important to consider vent and air duct cleaning in such circumstances. Due to moisture, warm temperatures, or inadequate maintenance, mold develops in ducts.

  • Leaks of refrigerants

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant, a chemical substance that absorbs heat from the environment and produces cool air after passing through compressors and evaporators.

The symptoms of refrigerant poisoning include breathing problems, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and irritation of the skin and eyes. As soon as you find these leaks, get an AC repair in Springville, UT.

  • Feels lethargic.

People who spend a lot of time in AC rooms may feel lethargic for no apparent reason. This is frequent in situations where the air conditioner has been set to a very low temperature. Take a few minutes break every two hours instead of staying in the AC room all day.

  • Cold or allergy-like symptoms when around AC.

If you or a member of your family feels cold or suffers from allergy-like symptoms while seated next to an air conditioner and the symptoms go away when the cooling is turned down, the air ducts may be dirty, or the filters may be blocked.

Air conditioning installation in Springville, UT

The likelihood of becoming ill from your air conditioner is decreased by routine maintenance and a good cleaning. Before turning on the air conditioner, perform annual maintenance on the machine to avoid ear, nose, and throat issues.

An air conditioner could exacerbate health problems. Fortunately, there are ways to change the condition so you can remain in good health.

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