Common Types Of Noises Your Furnace Makes

Common Types Of Noises Your Furnace Makes

When your furnace runs efficiently, it provides adequate warmth and comfort without causing too much inconvenience. It is usual for your heating unit to make a clicking sound when it turns on, but if you hear some odd loud sound constantly while running, it could indicate internal damage. 

A broken fan motor, dirt accumulation, a gas leak, and other factors can cause strange noises from your heating unit. It is, therefore, recommended to call professionals for heating repair in Springville, UT, when such problems arise. 

What kinds of faulty noises can a heater make?

Loud banging noise 

There may be a severe issue with your hands if you hear a loud banging noise from your furnace. It usually indicates a loose internal part, a problem with the ductwork, or gas collecting in the stove.

Buzzing noise

There is usually an electrical problem causing the buzzing sound, such as a problem with the transmitter, blower engine, or capacitor. For example, a transformer inside your furnace maintains the proper voltage. You may hear a low humming sound when this transformer has an issue, such as loose wires. You can also hear your furnace buzzing if your air filters are dirty or the evaporator coils are dirty. 

Rattling noise 

Suppose rattling noises can be caused by something minor, like a loose screw, or something more serious, like a broken component. Then, get in touch with a professional for heating installation in Springville, UT.

Screeching noise

If your heater makes a high-pitched noise, such as squealing, it is trying to let you know that it needs some maintenance. Furthermore, squealing noises from your heater could indicate several issues, including worn-out fan belts, lack of care, or insufficient grease in the bearings. It is, therefore, better to seek professional assistance when a furnace squeals. 

Whistling noises 

A leak in the pipework most likely causes whistling noises coming from your furnace. Additionally, if you did not seal your vents properly, you may hear whistling when the furnace is running. The temperature control cap can help if you’ve looked through your vents but still hear noises. 


A furnace makes a roaring sound when it’s turned on, or a cycle begins. If the rumbling continues much later in the process, you may have an issue with your furnace’s burners. You should pay attention to such noises and contact top contractors as soon as possible.


In general, humming from a heating system is not a cause for concern unless it occurs or grows in pitch later. Then, the motor, fan, or nearby components malfunctioning could indicate an issue. 

Grinding noises 

You should pay attention to a grinding sound from your heating system. When you hear this metal-on-metal noise, it usually indicates that your furnace’s blower is malfunctioning. While you wait for the experts to handle the situation, turn off your furnace to prevent your unit from breaking down. 

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